UniFi Network 8.0.7 – What’s New?


Ubiquiti Networks has recently launched a new version of its UniFi Network software, version 8.0.7 (currently a release candidate, so subject to change). This update brings significant advancements in network management, particularly in port management, VLAN configuration, and the addition of a WireGuard VPN client. In this post, we’ll dive into these updates and explore how they can enhance your networking experience.

Radio Management

There is now a new left-hand menu item ‘Radios’ which allows you to see all of the settings for all of your access points in a single window. You can do a ton of filtering to get the views you want, and you can affect changes to your AP’s much easier than previously.

This is a nice idea, but I am on the fence about it overall. Changing the channel, channel width, or transmit power of access points is not really something that you have to do that often. Once these settings are dialed in, you pretty much never touch them again, so while it’s now more convenient to make these changes, it takes up valuable left-hand menu real estate for settings that won’t be used very often – what do you think?

Radio Management

Enhanced Port Management

One of the standout features in UniFi Network 8.0.7 is the improved port management capabilities. The new interface allows for a more intuitive and efficient way to manage ports across multiple switches which significantly speeding up the process. Additionally, the update provides a more detailed view of port usage, including PoE (Power over Ethernet) types and link speeds, offering a comprehensive understanding of your network’s performance.

Port Management
Port Insights

VLAN Configuration Made Easy

VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) are crucial for network segmentation and security, but they can be complex to set up and manage. The latest UniFi Network update simplifies this process with a user-friendly VLAN viewer. This tool visually represents VLAN assignments, making it easier to understand and manage your network segmentation. The color-coded interface helps quickly identify which ports are assigned to specific VLANs, streamlining the setup process for both experienced administrators and newcomers. Apologies on behalf of UniFi to anyone who is color blind though – I imagine this would be difficult to read if you are.

VLAN Viewer
VLAN Port Setup

WireGuard VPN Client Integration

The inclusion of the WireGuard VPN client in UniFi Network 8.0.7 is a significant addition. WireGuard is known for its simplicity and security, and integrating it into the UniFi Network allows for more secure remote connections. This feature is particularly useful for setting up VPN connections to services like PiVPN or commercial VPN services such as Private Internet Access, enabling specific traffic routing through secure tunnels.

Wireguard VPN Client in UniFi Network

For a full breakdown of how to use the VPN Client functionality in UniFi Network, check out my dedicated video on that subject:

Other Notable Updates

Alongside these major updates, UniFi Network 8.0.7 includes enhancements like the improved system log for client connections, offering more detailed insights into connected devices. The update also brings refinements to the SD-WAN sites overview, providing better visibility into device and client counts across multiple sites.


Ubiquiti’s UniFi Network 8.0.7 is a substantial update that brings significant improvements to network management. Its user-friendly interface for VLAN configuration, enhanced port management, and the addition of WireGuard VPN client support are especially noteworthy. These features not only simplify network administration but also provide more robust and secure networking solutions for both home and small business users.

If you’re interested in more details about UniFi Network 8.0.7, check out the full release notes HERE. And for those needing assistance with UniFi setup or troubleshooting, be sure to check out Rogue Support! Rogue Support techs are UniFi experts hand-picked by me to ensure they know how to dig in and fix most network situations!

Stay tuned for more updates and insights into the world of networking, and don’t forget to check out our related videos on UniFi Network VPN capabilities for deeper dives into these topics!

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