I've got projects - lots of them, and just not a ton of time or expertise in the right areas to do them myself! All of the projects listed below are projects that I am willing to pay for - send me a proposal!

If you are looking for side projects and believe you can help with any of these - email and let's talk!

Open Bounties

Open Source HTTPS Traffic Generating Project

Need: Nice to have (not urgent)
Expertise/technology: Whatever works - open to anything

This project has been on my personal wish list for a long time. Here at Crosstalk, we have a need to test out wireless access points on a fairly regular basis. Testing AP's realistically without a large number of clients pushing traffic is pretty hard to do, and there aren't really any off-the-shelf tools available to help with this. I envision this project as an open-source project that may potentially be turned into a for-real product.

What I am looking for is essentially a client/server application for generating web traffic.

Clients - the client software should be able to be installed on a variety of devices, but specifically it should be Linux/ARM based for Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu, or other distros. A Windows version would be nice, but secondary. The client devices would be configured to 'check in' with the server upon boot (or upon service starting).

Server - the server would be used to receive incoming connections from the clients, and would be able to remotely run commands against those clients. Such as 'Start generating HTTP/HTTPS traffic now.' Ideally, this would be a GUI that shows you all connected clients, allows you to select some or all clients, choose test criteria (number of HTTP/HTTPS threads per client, duration of test, etc.) and then run the desired test against the clients while receiving progress updates as the test is running.

Traffic generation - when the server fires off a test, the clients should start generating HTTP/HTTPS web traffic. I'm not an expert in how this should be done, but ideally, we would feed the clients a list of say 100+ popular websites, and each thread running on each client would pick a random website from the list, make an HTTP/HTTPS GET request to that website, pause for a random number of seconds (probably all of this configurable), and then pull another random website from the list. I can see the open source version having a pre-configured database of popular websites, but a 'Pro' version allowing for a custom database of web URL's to be configured allowing customers to run HTTP/HTTPS web traffic checks against their own list of URL's.

Reporting - I'm not even really sure what we would want to do as far as reporting goes, but I'm sure there are all sorts of useful stats that can be generated as a result of any particular test (ie. time to complete a job). Opportunity for very basic reporting + a 'Pro' version with more detailed reporting? I'm open to ideas here.

The overall idea here is that from a central server, you can trigger remote clients to start surfing the web, simulating a high amount of 'normal' user traffic. From there, you can monitor the bandwidth being pushed through your wireless access points in order to gauge how well they are performing, if they're choking on some bottleneck, etc.

A Different Kind of Password Generator

Need: Not urgent / Anytime
Expertise/Technology: Web application development (open to whatever works)

One of my favorite password generating websites is  I like all of the features of this site including the ability to exclude similar/ambiguous characters from the generated passwords.

I love this site for its ease of use and simplicity, but it's pretty boring!  I have an idea for a fun twist on a similar password generating website.  If you feel like you would be able to re-create this site with some interesting changes - reach out!  This is not a priority project for me, but would be a fun side project.