UniFi U7-Pro: Speed Testing and First Impressions

In this post, we’re digging into Ubiquiti’s U7-Pro, UniFi’s first Wi-Fi 7 enabled access point. We’ll compare it with the U6 Pro, its predecessor, and run extensive speed tests to showcase its capabilities. The U7 Pro Ubiquiti’s U7 Pro is more than just an incremental update. With its Wi-Fi 7 capabilities, it utilizes the 2.4, 5, and 6 GHz wireless …

My Ultimate Travel Network Setup: A Tech Enthusiast’s Dream

Traveling can often disrupt our tech routines, especially for those of us who rely heavily on our gadgets for work and entertainment. My travel setup includes a mixture of security and convenience, and I’m excited to share the equipment that keeps me connected and productive on the go. Dual Monitors for the Win I cannot imagine working without dual monitors, …

UniFi Express: Is This the Best New Ubiquiti Device??

Ubiquiti, known for its innovative solutions in the networking space, has just unveiled its latest offering – UniFi Express (model: UX). This compact powerhouse is a game-changer for both home users and small businesses, and I’m thrilled to share my insights with you. What is UniFi Express? UniFi Express (Model: UX) is a remarkable standalone router and firewall that comes …

Definitive Guide to Hosted UniFi 2021

Update/Release notes: *** Guide created 1/20/2021 – I will keep this up to date as packages/versions change! This is the Definitive Guide to Hosted UniFi – NEW for 2021.  In this guide, we will set up a UniFi controller running on an Ubuntu 20.04 hosted server using Vultr (I have confirmed that all of these steps work fine on Digital …

Definitive Guide to Hosted UniFi

THIS GUIDE IS OUTDATED!! Be sure to check out the Definitive Guide to Hosted UniFi 2021 – all of this same info, but updated for 2021! ———————————————————————– But…if you’re feeling nostalgic, go ahead and keep reading. *** Updated 4/25/2019 – Updated Step 18 to use OpenJDK-8 instead of Oracle’s Java 8. *** Updated 8/15/2019 – Ran through this entire setup …

Solar Powered WiFi Part 3 – Companion Guide

This companion guide contains a detailed diagram as well as a parts list for everything that I used in my Solar Powered WiFi Part 3 video on YouTube. Wiring Diagram Parts List Renogy 100W 12V Monocrystalline solar panel:  http://geni.us/I4UObxA Renogy pole mounting bracket:  http://geni.us/eadR0 Altelix Pole Mount NEMA enclosure 14x11x5:  http://geni.us/2HUSO 12V deep cycle battery:  Buy locally! 12 Gauge Fuses: …

Secure UniFi Controller

*** THIS GUIDE IS NOW OUTDATED – Check out the Definitive Guide to Hosted UniFi instead! ————– Or continue below…though it’s a total waste of time. ———-

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How to Create a Wireless Bridge

In this video, I unbox and configure a wireless bridge using a pair of Ubiquiti Nanostation loco M2’s.  These are great little devices for extending a network wireless-ly over long distances.

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Ubiquiti AP adoption

In this video, I discuss how to perform Ubiquiti AP adoption to an Amazon EC2-based Unifi Controller.