Crosstalk PBX Solutions

Crosstalk PBX systems take the guesswork out of your open source PBX deployment. All systems are based on Asterisk – the most stable and robust Open-source PBX engine. All Crosstalk PBX hardware has been tested to be 100% compatible, and each system is expertly built to your specifications based on a best practice design consultation.

Cloud PBX

NEW! Introducing the Crosstalk Cloud PBX! A fresh new take on the PBX-as-a-service market bringing you all of the powerful PBX features you expect with simple, cost effective pricing.


  • Easy and Quick Deployment
  • Customized Phone Selection
  • Fully Featured Web Call Panel
  • Softphone Included with Every User
  • Complete Setup Service
  • Phone Number Porting Assistance
  • E911 Compliance
  • 7 Days Unlimited Support Included

Hosted PBX


Crosstalk Hosted PBX systems are a great solution for companies with phones spread across multiple locations. You get the same expertly built and designed PBX, but located in a secure and reliable data center.


  • Secure and Reliable Hosted PBX
  • (1) Crosstalk 270 Receptionist Phone
  • (9) Crosstalk 230 User Phones
  • Monthly Server Updates
  • Redundant Server Backups
  • Best Practice Design Consultation
  • Expertly Built Configuration
  • 30 Days Unlimited Support Included

On-Premises PBX


This PBX has been designed to meet the needs of a typical office environment. The base package comes with our Crosstalk 710 PBX server and 10 phones. Fully customizable to meet your organization's needs!


  • (1) Crosstalk 710 PBX Server Appliance
  • (1) Crosstalk 270 Receptionist Phone
  • (9) Crosstalk 230 User Phones
  • Best Practice Design Consultation
  • Expertly Built Configuration
  • 30 Days Support Included
  • PRI/POTS Connectivity Options
  • More Powerful / Rack Mount Server Options


  • Experience

    With over 20 years IT experience, Crosstalk Solutions provides secure PBX solutions build on reliable hardware platforms. We know what works and what doesn't, and will help guide you into the best possible phone system solution for your business.

  • Worry Free

    Our goal when transitioning customers to a new phone system is to make the process as smooth as possible with little disruption to your users. With our turnkey systems, we design, configure, test, and assist in the go-live process. We also include 30 days of post-deployment support and phone number porting assistance.

  • Best Practice Design

    Crosstalk Solutions has configured literally hundreds of PBX systems for businesses of all types. We utilize this experience to provide all of our PBX customers with a Best Practice Design Session to ensure your business is making full use of the features of the phone system.


Do It Right the First Time.

"Chris's service exemplary. If you've seen his YouTube videos on FreePBX, do yourself a favor and order your Sangoma phones through him. His pricing is actually better than Amazon, and the shipment came fast, with email notifications with tracking info."
Lee Weaver - Weaver's Carpet & Tile
"I have to say the process has been a pleasant one. Crosstalk has been helpful, informative and incredibly responsive. The system itself is a quantum leap improvement over our Unify Openscape Office."
John Dabbs - KL Realty
"I have been a customer for ~2 years with you, I wanted to let you know that nothing brings me more joy than getting sales calls from VOIP resellers telling me that they can lower my company’s phone bill by 80%! ... Same answer every time, “ok, do it” (I know they can’t)… they ask me all these questions then they see what I pay… they can’t beat it…. they are dumbfounded by the price! Keep up the good work!"
David Scherer - Scherer Construction