Network and VoIP Consulting Services

Crosstalk Solutions provides network and Voice over IP (VoIP) consulting services in a variety of areas. This includes:

- FreePBX/PBXact support and troubleshooting
- Network/Security design
- Wireless networking (WiFi)
- PTP or PTMP wireless networking

We have over 20 years of experience in best practice computer networking ranging from Small Office / Home Office (SOHO), up to enterprise class data centers with full redundancy in every interconnected system. The best running computer networks are the ones you don’t have to worry about, and that is our specialty. We will evaluate your needs and create the best solution for your budget.

Are we the right choice for your business? Give us a try! We are very clear with our customers when it comes to our capabilities. If you are looking for services that are outside of our area of expertise, we will let you know. We prefer to pass on an opportunity rather than attempt to build a solution we're unsure of.

Consulting services are for business customers only.

Networking and Security Services Include:

  • Initial network design, budgeting, and implementation
  • Internet connections (types, bandwidth, pricing)
  • Firewalls and security
  • Virtual Private Networking (VPN's)
  • WiFi and guest networks
  • PTP and PTMP long range wireless links
  • Mobile and LTE solutions
  • Power considerations (Power over Ethernet, battery backup systems)
  • Quality of Service for prioritizing services such as Voice over IP

Crosstalk Solutions is proud to supply strong, reliable solutions from network manufacturers such as Ubiquiti, Cambium Networks, and pfSense.  Our goal is to meet and exceed the needs of our customers by choosing the right equipment for each individual project need.

VoIP over IP Services Include:

  • Initial PBX design, budgeting, and implementation
  • FreePBX / PBXact support services
  • PSTN trunking services and phone bill auditing
  • PBX security auditing

Crosstalk Solutions works primarily with Sangoma FreePBX and PBXact hosted and premise-based phone systems. Our Crosstalk PBX solutions are also available for best practice turnkey phone system configuration and implementation.

Consulting Services

Are you interested in hiring Crosstalk Solutions for your Network or VoIP consulting needs? Contact us today for more information including availability and pricing.