Wireless Services

Crosstalk Solutions provides all levels of best practice wireless deployment management from simple support assistance to fully managed and maintained properties.

Business wireless – complete WiFi coverage, security, VLANs, guest networks, and IoT network segregation.

PTP and PTMP networks – long range, high speed wireless networking Point to Point (PTP) or Point to Multi-Point design, configuration, and deployment.

Outdoor Mesh WiFi – full coverage for RV parks, campgrounds, arenas, and more!

WISP Services – design, configuration, setup, troubleshooting, billing, inventory management – you name it, we’ve done it!

We have over 20 years of experience in best practice wireless networking ranging from SMB needs, up to fully designed and deployed Wireless ISP’s (WISPs). The best running wireless networks are the ones you don’t have to worry about, and that is our specialty. We will evaluate your needs and create the best solution for your budget.

Are we the right choice for your business? Give us a try! We are very clear with our customers when it comes to our capabilities. If you are looking for services that are outside of our area of expertise, we will let you know. We prefer to pass on an opportunity rather than attempt to build a solution we’re unsure of.

Crosstalk Solutions services are for business customers only.

Managed Wireless

Do you have a property that needs managed wireless?  Campgrounds, RV Parks, Mobile Home Communities, Conference Centers, Fairgrounds, and Public Gathering Spots – all of these areas need strong reliable wireless in order to satisfy your customers.  We have all levels of service offerings:

Hourly Support

We offer hourly support and consulting services for your wireless deployments.  This includes initial design services, troubleshooting, site surveys, equipment selection, and configuration, either remote or onsite.

Free and Paid Guest Portals

If you run an organization that offers free WiFi to your customers, we can ensure that your free WiFi clients have sufficient speeds for basic Internet needs while also providing a premium level paid option for more demanding users. The captive portal including troubleshooting, maintenance, billing, and reporting can be managed by Crosstalk Solutions while you simply receive a percentage of the wireless revenue.

Resident / Tenant Wireless

If you manage an RV Park or Mobile Home Community, keeping your temporary residents or permanent tenants using the Internet without interruption is key to customer satisfaction.  We can deliver the Internet connection, the equipment, cover all residents, manage support and billing, and ensure the system is always functioning securely and with best practices.  Your only job is to sit back and receive your percentage of the profits!