My Ultimate Travel Network Setup: A Tech Enthusiast’s Dream

Traveling can often disrupt our tech routines, especially for those of us who rely heavily on our gadgets for work and entertainment. My travel setup includes a mixture of security and convenience, and I’m excited to share the equipment that keeps me connected and productive on the go.

Dual Monitors for the Win

I cannot imagine working without dual monitors, even when I’m traveling. I carry a portable 1080p monitor (Lasitu Portable Monitor). Although it can be a bit flaky at times, it was cheap and gets the job done. I’m not 100% happy with this monitor, so if you have suggestions for a reliable travel-friendly option, I’m all ears!

Lasitu Portable 15.6″ 1080P monitor

The Heart of My Setup: My Samsung Laptop

At the core of my setup is my compact Samsung laptop, the Galaxy Book Pro 360 15″, equipped only with USB-C ports. My previous Alienware laptop died on me while I was out of town, so I picked this up from Best Buy in a pinch, and it has been a trusty companion for almost two years. Its compactness without compromising on performance makes it perfect for travel. This particular model is probably not available anymore, but I definitely recommend the Samsung Galaxy lineup of laptops.

Samsung Galaxy 360 15″ – was meant to be a temporary solution, but has been here to stay for 2+ years.

Connectivity and More: The Anker 655

Connectivity is key, and for that, I rely on the Anker 655. This little gadget is a powerhouse, offering USB Type-A ports, SD and microSD card readers, a headphone jack, and even a gigabit LAN port for those times when I prefer a wired connection. As of the writing of this blog post, it’s also on sale for almost 50% off! One of my all-time favorite gadgets.

The Anker 655 never lets me down!

The Anker 655 also efficiently manages power and display connections. It powers my laptop and the external monitor, ensuring I have a seamless working experience wherever I am.

Staying Wired: The Barrel AX Travel Router

For internet, I trust the Barrel AX travel router from GL.iNet. It’s compact, powerful, and provides a solid, stable internet connection. I always prefer a wired connection, and this router makes it possible, even in hotel rooms where the LAN port is sometimes hidden (like behind the TV in my current room!). But, if you don’t have Ethernet as an option on the WAN side, the Beryl AX can connect to the hotel’s Wi-Fi (even through a captive portal), or you can tether your phone’s cellular data, or an LTE modem through the USB port.

GL.iNet Beryl AX – so many powerful features in such a small form factor!

Don’t forget the case! This travel router case fits the Beryl AX perfectly.

Summing Up

There you have it—a quick glimpse into my travel network setup. It’s compact, efficient, and keeps me connected and productive, no matter where I am. All product links can be found HERE.

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