Lake House Wireless

This was an absolutely epic and complicated wireless design for a lake front property in Idaho. My first trip to this property was a scouting mission to see exactly what I was working with and to come up with a game plan for ensuring that the entire property was bathed in strong WiFi and redundant Internet.

The second trip was the install – and it was definitely not without its challenges! Watch the video for full details!

Lake House Wireless Design document: PDF

Equipment used in this build:

NanoBeam 5AC:
CyberPower UPS:
trueCABLE CAT6 Direct Burial:
KENUCO 4U enclosure:
IP65 Waterproof Junction Box:

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  1. Hello,

    Looking at the first survey and total project costs, what would the lake house job cost? We notice that a lot of customers find good networking expensive. I’m wondering if this is the case too in your area.

    Thanks in advance

    1. Post

      Good networking IS expensive! This job was unique since I didn’t actually charge labor – more of a friend hook-up. But – this same level of install with both trips and all of the design and setup would have likely been in the neighborhood of $12k or so. There would be much cheaper ways of accomplishing the same thing. That’s a lot of labor for ~$3k worth of equipment.

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