How to Share Internet with your Neighbors

In this video, I discuss how to set up a simple PTP wireless bridge for securely sharing Internet out to folks who may be in need.

This is the diagram I used in the video – feel free to download and modify to your own network infrastructure!

Here are the links to the products that I used in this video:

Share WiFi with your Neighbors on

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  1. Do you have a video on how to setup a nanostation that plugs into the Internet in on the back of a netgear router and my computer Ethernet plugs into the router. The router is also wireless capable but, everything worked until the RV park I live in changed Internet service providers and the wifi name has changed. There for my Nanostation needs to be set to the correct wifi name.

  2. I’m considering doing this with my in brother in law however he would be using a switch aswell as WiFi. Just wondering if this approach is documented and whether that could work.

  3. Hi. I appreciate this post. At the start you say “In this video, I discuss how to set up…” however I see no way to watch said video. Where’s the link?

    I have just completed a two neighbor hookup but not sure I have set the IP schema correctly wrt Ip address on the “subnets”. The devil is definitely in the details with unusual networks like these.

    TIA for a reply and link.

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