Trezor Model 1 Giveaway

Congrats! You found your way to our secret Trezor Model 1 giveaway! The first 3 people to fill out and submit the form below will win a Trezor Model 1 shipped directly from Trezor (to ensure it’s genuine). That’s it. That’s the contest. Official boring rules below the form.

AND THEY’RE GONE FOLKS!! Congrats to the winners, and keep an eye out for more hidden QR codes coming to a video soon!


  • Find and scan the QR code in the video (if you’re here, you’ve likely already done that)
  • One entry per person
  • The first 3 individuals to fill out and submit the form will win a Trezor Model One shipped directly from Trezor **
  • Entries must comply with YouTube Community Guidelines:…
  • YouTube is NOT a sponsor of this contest, and is released from all liability related to this contest.
  • Any personal data obtained will NOT be used in any way other than to contact winners of the contest
  • Contest begins when the ‘UniFi Dream Router’ video is published and ends after 3 individuals have completed the form

** Subject to export control laws – products may not be exported, shipped to, sold in or otherwise used in or sent to countries subject to embargoes, including Iran, Sudan, Syria, Cuba, North Korea and The Crimea. These restrictions apply to any person or entity, US or foreign.