Crosstalk 200 Sidecar


The Crosstalk 200 is a sidecar module for the Crosstalk 270 phones.  It features a full color backlit display and 20 programmable function keys.

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Crosstalk 200

The Crosstalk 200 is a full color sidecar for the Crosstalk 270 phone model.  It features a backlit display with 20 programmable LED buttons – there is a page selector button at the bottom of the screen which allows you to switch between two full pages of buttons for a total of 40 programmable buttons.  These can be used for speed dials, BLF keys, and all sorts of other functionality.  Up to 4 Crosstalk 200 sidecars can be daisy chained to a single Crosstalk 270 phone.

ClearlyIP 200 Features:

– Full color backlit display
– 20 Feature Keys / 2 pages (total of 40 programmable keys)
Works with the Crosstalk 270 phone
– Brandable faceplate
– 2 Year Warranty

Auto Provision Crosstalk phones with the FREE Clearly Device Module for FreePBX:

*** If you looking for a large order of these phones (20+) – please contact me directly for volume pricing!