TP-Link Kasa Smart Switches

My absolute favorite IoT devices! These Kasa Smart Switches are super easy to use, and integrate very nicely with Home Assistant.

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Klein Tools ET980

The Klein Tools ET920 is a USB-A and USB-C multimeter for testing USB voltage, current, and watt hours over time. Small, light, and rugged - it's a must-have for every tech tool box!

25 Gbps DAC

These 25Gbps DAC cables are for SFP28 ports.

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10Gpbs SFPs!

These are all products that I have tested and used. SFPs can be confusing, but read all of the notes to make your life easier!

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Wi-Fi 8 is Coming!

OK OK - so Wi-Fi 8 isn't anywhere close to being available, but why not be ready for it now??

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CanaKit Raspberry Pi 5 Starter Kit

I love this kit - it comes with everything you need to get started with the Raspberry Pi 5 including the Pi itself, a case, a heat sink, a fan, two HDMI cables, and a 256GB microSD card preformatted with Raspberry Pi OS.

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My Travel Setup 2024

All the fun tech gadgets I travel with! We've got a USB-C hub, my favorite travel router, portable monitor, and more!

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Wake and Brew Premium Coffee

IT guys love their coffee! And this is hands-down my favorite coffee roaster...amazing selection of flavors, great packaging and design, and always incredibly tasty!

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Ethernet Wiring Toolkit

These are the tools that I use to terminate Ethernet. Some are optional, but others are invaluable!

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