Are you Kari’s Law/Ray Baum Act Compliant?

As of February 2020, the FCC has mandated all PBX/MTLS (Multi Line Telephone Systems) must follow these new compliance rules:

  • All phones must be able to dial 911 without dialing a 9 first
  • Dialing 911 must provide more detailed location information per phone
  • Notifications must be sent to designated personnel when 911 is dialed

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Don’t wait to become compliant, your company is liable!

These regulations make emergency dialing rules more stringent and open up additional
liability for companies that aren’t compliant.

Deadline: February 21, 2021

The experts at Crosstalk Solutions provide Kari’s Law / Ray Baum Act consultations and best practice recommendations to ensure compliance with these new regulations.

Our process for getting you compliant:

  • Best practice evaluation of existing PBX system’s 911 configuration and capabilities.
  • Plan a 911 road map for ensuring compliance.
  • Provide options for ensuring the most cost effective compliance solutions available.

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