UniFi Express: Is This the Best New Ubiquiti Device??

Ubiquiti, known for its innovative solutions in the networking space, has just unveiled its latest offering – UniFi Express (model: UX). This compact powerhouse is a game-changer for both home users and small businesses, and I’m thrilled to share my insights with you.

What is UniFi Express?

UniFi Express (Model: UX) is a remarkable standalone router and firewall that comes with a built-in Wi-Fi 6 access point. What makes it stand out is the integrated UniFi OS and UniFi network. This means you don’t need a separate cloud key or controller to manage this device – a big win for simplicity and convenience.

Expandability and Versatility

One of the most impressive aspects of the UniFi Express is its expandability. You can enhance your network with additional UniFi Express nodes, either through wired connections or mesh wireless setups. Even if you have a different UniFi setup like a UDM Pro, the UniFi Express seamlessly integrates, offering additional Wi-Fi coverage or acting as a wireless mesh backhaul.

Standalone configuration
Wired backhaul to another Express
Wireless backhaul to another Express

Compact and Feature-Packed

Despite its small size (under four inches square and just over one inch high), the UX is loaded with features. It sports two gigabit Ethernet ports (WAN and LAN) and a built-in Bluetooth radio for easy adoption using the UniFi app. The Wi-Fi 6 access point is impressive, offering 2×2 multi-user MIMO capabilities. Plus, it has a handy LCM status display on the front – not a touchscreen, but it displays crucial information like throughput and connected devices.

Ideal for Smaller Deployments

Ubiquiti designed the UniFi Express with smaller deployments in mind. Think apartments, homes, or small businesses. It’s an ideal solution if you need a simple yet robust network setup. The device can handle up to 60 client devices, perfect for the targeted user base.

Pricing and Power Efficiency

The MSRP of UniFi Express is set at an appealing $149, offering exceptional value for its features. It’s energy-efficient too, consuming a maximum of 10 watts of power.

Use Cases and Flexibility

The UniFi Express is incredibly flexible. You can use it as your primary router, firewall, and access point, or expand your network with additional units for wider coverage. It’s also perfect for remote locations, offering Ethernet connectivity through its mesh capabilities. Plus, for those on the go, like road warriors, it pairs wonderfully with a 5G or LTE connection – imagine having this in your RV!

One Express as a gateway, and one as a wireless mesh AP.

Performance and Heat Management

An interesting point to note is that despite its compact size, the UniFi Express can handle full gigabit throughput even with DPI enabled, a significant feat. However, be mindful of its tendency to get warm – up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit at the base.

Final Thoughts

Ubiquiti’s UniFi Express seems set to become a favorite for those seeking an easy entry into the UniFi ecosystem or simply a reliable, versatile network solution for smaller setups. What are your thoughts? Are you as excited about the UniFi Express as I am? Share your opinions and how you plan to use this innovative device in your daily life.

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  1. Very excited about deploying two (to start) to three units at my home. Will have to be patient for inventory to open back up; hopefully before the holidays! 🙂 Thanks for the review and happy holidays! -Matt

  2. I bought two of these to use as small back-hauled WAP’s in my home. I am using a UXG-Lite as the router and a self-hosted Controller on a VM. So far, the UXG-Lite has been working pretty well, but the Express’ have been a pain to work with. I can’t seem to get either of them to show the UXG as the parent device. They both want to parent the other. While they are broadcasting the Wi-Fi networks, they seem to be pretty weak. Lastly, I cannot seem to get them off of the “Getting Ready” screen, like they’re still stuck in the adoption process. I’m gonna try tinkering with them a little more and if I don’t get anywhere, they’re getting returned.

  3. I bought one UX device and all functions – the only thing that I can see is very bad is the WI-FI speed. I have 1000/1000 and Wi-Fi I get not even 300 . If I put cable I have no issues 1gb. Therefore be careful and test this device.

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