Sangoma EXP100


The Sangoma EXP100 is a sidecar add-on for receptionists. It features 40 programmable buttons, and attaches to the Sangoma S500 or S700 phones.



Sangoma EXP100

The Sangoma EXP100 is a sidecar add-on for the Sangoma S500 and S700 telephones.  The Sangoma EXP100 has 10 programmable buttons down each side of the display, and a 2-page toggle switch for a total of 40 programmable buttons.  This expansion module’s programmable buttons can be configured by the PBXact or FreePBX Endpoint Manager to have various functions such as BLF (Busy Lamp Field), Speed Dial, Call Parking, Call Forwarding, Conference Rooms, and Call Transfers.  Sangoma phones are feature zero-touch provisioning via the Sangoma cloud hosted redirect server – this is a great feature for easy installation (see video below).  I have set these up for customers, and they are very usable, and have great back-lit displays…they are easy to learn and use!

Sangoma EXP100 Features:

  • Works with the Sangoma S500 or S700 VoIP phones
  • 20 programmable hard keys (2 pages – 40 total programmable buttons)
  • Dual-color (red/green) LEDs on each hard key
  • Daisy-chain up to 6 Sangoma EXP100’s (never actually seen anyone get to 6 sidecars – that would be crazy).
  • Programmable Buttons can be set to a variety of FreePBX functions
  • Programmable Buttons can also be configured as FreePBX Phone Apps
  • Wall-mountable

I mean – 6 sidecars?  Can you imagine?

Sangoma EXP100

*** If you looking for a large order of this item (50+) – please contact me directly for volume pricing!