Our goal with Crosstalk SIP is to provide excellent SIP service at a fair price.  After too many bad experiences and years of trying to find a SIP vendor that could meet this simple goal, we decided to start our own SIP service.  Our SIP trunking is fully redundant, and 100% compatible with FreePBX and PBXact.  Crosstalk Solutions has created the infrastructure and documentation to ensure a rock solid SIP solution at a fair price.

Crosstalk SIP Plans



Per Month
  • 4000 Included Minutes
  • $0.012/minute additional minutes
  • 1 DID included w/e911 and CNAM
  • $1.25/month per additional DID
  • $1.25/month/DID additional e911 address
  • $1.25/month/DID additional CNAM lookups

Unlimited Channels


Per Month

  • Low outbound termination rates! (See rate sheet below)

  • $0.01/minute inbound

  • 1 DID included w/e911 and CNAM

  • $1.00/month per additional DID
  • $1.00/month/DID additional e911 address
  • $1.00/month/DID additional CNAM lookups

Pricing and Rates

See the full Crosstalk SIP pricing chart here - no hidden fees!

Download Unlimited Channel plan rate sheet here!

Common Questions

Q:  What are the requirements for Crosstalk SIP?
A:  In order to utilize Crosstalk SIP, you must have a static IP adress from your ISP and a PBX to connect the SIP trunks to.  Crosstalk Solutions will provide full documentation for FreePBX/PBXact systems, however configuring Crosstalk SIP on other PBX systems will be up to the user to figure out.

Q:  Where is Crosstalk SIP available?
A:  Our 10-channel and Unlimited Plans are available in all 50 states.  Our 5 channel plans however has limited availability, but we are adding additional states often.  Check our availability page to see if your state has been added!

Q:  What about fax or SMS services?
A:  We are currently not offering fax or SMS services, however we hope to in the future.

Q:  How long are Crosstalk SIP contracts?
A:  No contracts! Everything is month to month and pro-rated to your connect or disconnect date.

Q:  Do you offer services for International customers or DID's?
A:  We are only available in the US to start, however we hope to open Crosstalk SIP up to International markets in the future.

Q:  When you say 'Channels' in your service plans - what are you referring to?
A:  'Channels' refers to the maximum number of concurrent calls through Crosstalk SIP's services.  This typically means inbound or outbound calls to the rest of the world.  This does NOT count extension to extension calls (even on hosted PBX systems).

Q:  Are your SIP trunks redundant?
A:  Yes!  There are multiple inbound and outbound SIP IP's to connect to.  Data centers are located in California and Pennsylvania.

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