Send Telemarketers to Hell

Send Telemarketers to Hell

Telemarketers are the Devil! We all know the pain that comes from picking up the phone to hear a telemarketer reading off of a script trying to sell you something.  FreePBX allows you to block telemarketers by including a Blacklist module that can redirect blacklisted caller ID’s to a pre-set destination such as Lenny.  The problem with the Blacklist module …

FreePBX Polycom Directory Automation

Creating a FreePBX Polycom directory for all of your users can be a frustrating and manual process.  The goal of this article is to make that process much much easier.  Once complete, you should have a central directory in all of your Polycom phones that shows all other employee extensions, and that central directory will update hourly from FreePBX’s database. …

HowTo: Stream Music on Hold in FreePBX

The Music on Hold that comes with FreePBX isn’t spectacular.  If you would like to instead stream music on hold in FreePBX, this is very simple and easy to set up! Find your Streaming Source First, go to a website such as and find a stream that you like.  In Shoutcast, you need to click the ‘download’ link to …

HowTo: Pwn Telemarketers with Lenny

Telemarketers are the worst. They have no souls. They feed off of the misery of others. No one likes them. Luckily, a nice British gentleman by the name of Lenny has come to save the day. I first heard about Lenny from an article I saw on Reddit. Lenny simply consists of a few lines of code in Asterisk and ...

HOW TO: Install Webmin on FreePBX

Webmin is a super useful tool for administering Linux, however due to security concerns, it doesn’t come installed on FreePBX by default. While Webmin is considered to be a security risk, it really is only a risk if it is open to the outside world. So, if your FreePBX is behind a firewall, and you aren’t port forwarding TCP 10,000, …

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How to Create a Wireless Bridge

In this video, I unbox and configure a wireless bridge using a pair of Ubiquiti Nanostation loco M2’s.  These are great little devices for extending a network wireless-ly over long distances.

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Ubiquiti AP adoption

In this video, I discuss how to perform Ubiquiti AP adoption to an Amazon EC2-based Unifi Controller.